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Humancare Plus

For treatment rooms, recovery rooms and high-humidity areas

Safe and certain recovery.

In high-humidity areas such as indoor swimming pools or therapy rooms, the choice of ceiling system will be dictated by the specific conditions on site. In such challenging building conditions, the new hydrophobic Humancare Plus hygienic ceiling, which can be disinfected by wiping, is a particularly good option. A further benefit of the hygienic ceiling system is that its excellent acoustic performance facilitates cooperation between therapists and patients.

Humancare Lab

For laboratories, clean rooms and positive and negative pressure rooms

The right, wipe-resistant ceiling solution for your lab!

Tests and quality inspections are expensive and make high demands on the facilities housing laboratories, clean rooms, and positive and negative pressure rooms. The new Humancare Lab mineral ceiling can be disinfected by wiping and meets these strict requirements thanks to its ISO class 3 rating. Furthermore, the special Humancare Lab solution with good acoustic performance helps to maintain the desired pressure level, thus protecting both people and test results.

Humancare Pro

For treatment rooms, recovery rooms, sanitary facilities, high-humidity areas and operating theatres / intensive care units

Integrated, in-depth treatment - acoustics and hygiene in harmony.

“Next, please!” The high patient turnover in treatment and examination rooms poses the risk of spreading viruses, germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning procedures and hygiene are effective prevention methods.
The new Humancare Pro hygienic ceiling can be disinfected by wiping, including with products that are effective against SARS-CoV-2, and its ISO class 3 rating means that it can also be used in rooms with special clean-room class requirements.

Choosing the right OWA ceiling system, therefore, ensures medical staff can concentrate on looking after and caring for their patients.

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